Covid-19 vs Cold

COVID-19 is a contagious respiratory disease caused by infection with the virus SARS-CoV-2. It usually spreads between people who are in close contact (within 6 feet, or 2 meters). The virus spreads through respiratory droplets released when someone breathes, coughs, sneezes, talks or sings.

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covid-19 cold differences

Mitosis vs Meiosis

Mitosis is a process of asexual reproduction in which the cell divides in two producing a replica, with an equal number of chromosomes in each resulting diploid cell. Meiosis is a type of cellular reproduction in which the number of chromosomes are reduced by half through the separation of homologous chromosomes, producing two haploid cells.

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mitosis meiosis differences

Rhinitis vs Sinusitis

Rhinitis, also called allergic rhinitis, is the term used to describe the condition that occurs when your body reacts to allergens. In other words, when someone says their allergies are bothering them, they could also say they are currently suffering from rhinitis. Sinusitis, also referred to as a sinus infection, occurs when the lining of your sinuses becomes inflamed due to an infection caused by either a virus, bacteria, or (rarely) a fungus. You can also get a sinus infection if your sinuses are regularly blocked by congestion, for example, or by a nasal obstruction, such as a polyp.

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rhinitis sinusitis differences

Differences Between DNA and RNA

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, while RNA is ribonucleic acid. Although DNA and RNA both carry genetic information, there are quite a few differences between them.

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differences dna rna

Differences Between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

According to the morphological point of view, prokaryotic cells are the most primitive cells. They do not have a definite nucleus which includes bacteria and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). It is believed that eukaryotes have evolved from the prokaryotes. They have been characterised by their membrane nucleus. They contain organelles like mitochondria bounded by membranes and are located in the cytoplasm.

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differences prokaryotic eukaryotic-cells

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