6 Myths of Dental Implants

Posted October 15, 2022 by Anusha ‐ 3 min read

Though dental implants are very advanced and proves to be very useful for teeth replacement as compared to other prosthetic treatments, many people have several misconceptions regarding its procedure and durability.

Myth 1: Dental Implants are noticeable

  • Have you heard that dental implants don’t look natural? Some people claim that they can see the metal base of dental implants near the gum line.

  • However, these people likely notice a dental crown that is made from porcelain and fused to the metal base.

  • In fact, most dental implants don’t use metal at all.

  • Dental implants use translucent porcelain that looks very natural.

  • In many cases, dental implants are undetectable even to the person wearing them.

Myth 2: Older people aren’t good candidates for Dental Implants

  • Although people can be too young for dental implants, you can never be too old.

  • Younger people may not have a fully developed jawline, disqualifying them for dental implants.

  • However, many older individuals make ideal dental implant candidates.

  • Even people in their 90s have been successfully treated with dental implants.

  • Some common health conditions among older individuals can disqualify someone from receiving dental implants, including uncontrolled diabetes, bleeding disorders or gum disease.

  • Yet, most health issues won’t affect your chances of qualifying for dental implants.

Myth 3: Dental Implants require a lot of maintenance

  • The notion that dental implants require a lot of maintenance is completely false.

  • Dental implants are sealed under the crown of your tooth permanently and require the same care as your natural teeth.

  • Dental implants actually require less complicated maintenance than dentures, since you need to remove dentures to clean them and decrease your chance of infection.

Myth 4: The procedure will be painful

  • Many patients claim that pain is their biggest reason for avoiding dental care.

  • Fortunately, most patients are comfortable throughout the dental implant procedure, thanks to anaesthesia or nitrous oxide.

  • After the procedure, some patients do report feeling minor discomfort.

  • However, this minor soreness usually goes away within the first few weeks.

Myth 5: Dental Implants cause headaches

  • A more recent myth is that titanium within the dental implant causes headaches or migraines.

  • However, there is no clinical research that supports this claim.

  • If you do experience severe headaches after receiving dental implants, there may have been a complication during surgery.

  • Although rare, dental implants could damage nerves or the sinus cavity.

  • A misaligned bite, also referred to as TMJ, could also cause headaches after a dental implant procedure.

  • A cosmetic dentist can likely identify and resolve the cause of your headaches if it is related to your implants.

Myth 6: Dental Implants can be ineffective and risky

  • Dental implants have been a popular solution for tooth loss for more than 40 years.

  • In that time, this dental procedure has had an impressive success rate compared with other tooth replacement treatments.

  • Most patients with dental implants enjoy the benefits for many years, which make them a smart investment.

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