5 Myths of Hiccups

Posted October 16, 2022 by Anusha ‐ 2 min read

It is safe to say that everyone has experienced hiccups at one point or another in their life. They are caused by spasms in the diaphragm and, while uncomfortable, they are very rarely life-threatening. Most of us simply want to find a way to stop hiccups when they happen, but some myths, including those below, make this a bit difficult.

Myth: There are many things that cause hiccups


  • A number of things can cause hiccups.

  • Drinking alcohol, smoking, changes in temperature on the inside as well as outside of the stomach, a bloated belly due to overeating, a shock, stress as well as excitement have been linked to cause short term episodes of hiccups.

  • Having hiccups on a long term can be caused due to gastrointestinal or respiratory problems or diabetes.

Myth: If your hiccups last for more than 2 days then there is an underlying cause


  • While getting hiccups occasionally is completely normal, having them for longer than 2 days means that something is wrong.

  • 80% of the chances are that there is something else that is causing hiccups and the remaining 20% of the chances are that there are some psychological problems.

Myth: Most home remedies don’t seem to work


  • Hiccups usually occur for a few minutes and none of the home remedies can stop them.

  • It can be stopped only by the doctor’s medicine.

  • So, all your life what you have been doing to stop your hiccups doesn’t really work.

  • The remedies include holding your breath, drinking water, or someone scaring you.

  • If they have helped you in the past, it was by mere chance! The hiccups would have stopped on their own and not by the remedies.

Myth: The funny sound of hiccups is caused when the body cuts air off


  • Hiccups have a funny sound and have been used in kids’ cartoons since ages! But have you ever wondered what causes it? When your diaphragm contracts, there is a quick intake of air that is cut off promptly by the closing of vocal chords.

  • As a result you hear the sound of a hiccup.

  • Studies say that there is a time gap of 35 milliseconds between the contraction and closing of the windpipe.

Myth: Everyone gets hiccups even unborn babies!


  • If you feel that there exist people who never got hiccups, you need to think again.

  • Individuals of all races and sexes, right from an old man to a little child can get hiccups.

  • Even fetuses inside the womb can get hiccups too. Apart from humans even cats and dogs can get hiccups!

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