25 Steps of Success in Aesthetic Dentistry

Posted January 5, 2023 by Anusha ‐ 2 min read

Aesthetic dentistry is done using cosmetic materials. Whether or not it is necessary to address decay, disease, or function, the dentist is asking the patient to make a personal choice to invest in his or her own dental care and personal dental appearance.

Steps to perform successful Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Use of guide essential

  • Cut h-shaped flap, minimally invasive, papilla preservation

  • Use precision drill for initial access to approx half length of implant at 7-10,000 RPM with irrigation

  • Use very narrow drills in sequence to full length of implant up to 2mm width

  • Verify the direction

  • Lower rpm to 100

  • Turn off water to harvest bone on threads on drill piece

  • Use counter sunk bars at each step

  • Check directions at each step

  • Use drill extension if contact on adjacent teeth

  • Drill to final size

  • Check all four walls are intact or not

  • If yes, then its ready to place the implant

  • Protect airway with guaze

  • Use longer placement tools if extensionas required

  • Insertion torque is 35 Nm

  • Place the implant

  • If torque is out, carefully reverse the implant out and redrill to low RPM to full length

  • Complete the placement using manual torque wrench

  • Place healing abutment if at requires stability

  • Cover screw if not placed

  • Use harvested graft if required around any exposed threads of the implant

  • Interrupted sutures are placed using vicryl sutures

  • Gentle pressure with damp guaze for 5min

  • Post placement radiograph is taken to check the implant position

Protocols to be followed

  • Case selection

  • Atraumatic extraction

  • Osteotomy following 3/2 rule

  • Implant placement 40 Nm

  • Fabricate screw retained provisional crown

  • Graft buccal lingual gap upto soft tissue margin

  • Fit screw retained provisional crown

  • Remove bone graft excess

  • Remove occlusal contacts and excessive movements


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